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Why Choice Cottages?

Owning a self catering holiday home to let or rent can be a dream come true, but it is undoubtably an expensive outlay. Along with the purchase, renovation, decoration costs and mortgage costs; there are running costs to consider. Renting the property on a holiday let basis can assist you greatly in all of the above, giving you a favourable return on your investment, whilst allowing you to enjoy the use of your own holiday cottage.

While holiday letting is an excellent way to help cover costs and the income can be substantial and satisfying, choosing the right agency to represent you will ultimately determine how successful you are commercially. In addition, there are a few requirements to a successful holiday cottage let and these pages serve to help you generate the maximum income from your holiday home, with the minimum cost, inconvenience and time. Choice Cottages offers the best advice on how to Let or Rent your house - So for all your Holiday Cottage Letting needs - Speak to us today.

Top reasons why Choice Cottages is the South West's leading agency?:

√ Family run business
Est. in 2000, Choice Cottages has many years experience as an agency
√ Centrally located offices across the region with extensive local knowledge
√ Market leading bookings and occupancy rates
√ User friendly website extensively optimised for search engine rankings
√ Extensive web, print, radio and social media marketing per property
√ Quality national promotional campaigns throughout the year
√ A fleet of branded Choice Cottages vehicles 
√ Dedicated expert property portfolio managers
√ A large database of returning visitors and engaged holidaymakers
Calls answered by local, friendly, approachable staff 365 days a year
√ Best in class online booking system
√ Complimentary professional photography and copywriting service
√ Robust accounting, payments and reporting system
√ Flexible approach: Unlike many agents, we are not prescriptive with your property
√ Expert guidance from our team with years of commercial letting experience on behalf of      owners and as owners ourselves

What's the bottom line?:

√ Lowest Commission
√ Highest Occupancy
√ Highest Net Revenue

If you are looking for one-on-one guidance on buying or selling a holiday home from our friendly professional team then please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

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