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Letting Options | Owner Bookings

Unlike many Agents, at Choice Cottages we pride ourselves in offering Owners who have a holiday cottage to let or rent, variety and flexibility with the availability you choose to provide your primary or second home for Holiday Let purposes. As a 'rule of thumb' we have the following options available, but all options can be tailor-made to your specific needs or requirements.

Standard Options/Packagaes:

√ Option A: All year Holiday Let

Owner may withdraw 12 weeks, (of which 04 can be during peak weeks), without incurring commission

√ Option B: Six summer months Holiday Let

Owner may withdraw 08 weeks, (of which 03 can be during peak weeks), without incurring commission

√ Option C: Ten peak weeks Holiday Let

Owner may withdraw 02 peak weeks, without incurring commission

√ Option D: Six peak week Holiday Let

Owner may withdraw 01 peak week, without incurring commission

√ Option E: Other Holiday Let

By arrangement


Choice Cottages believe that as the Owner of the Holiday Cottage we act as Agent for, you should have all reasonable access to enjoy your Holiday Home. 

For this reason, we will accommodate Owner Bookings wherever possible and provided:

√ Visitor Rights: 

The week in question is not already booked.

√ Notice Period: 

You give us fair notice, so as to not incur unnecessary Marketing costs on our part.

√ Terms: 

Your Owner Bookings are for Personal use or that of Family & Friends and where you receive no Commercial gain. (All bookings where a fee is charged, will need to be done through Choice Cottages, as per our Terms & Conditions.) 

√ Booking Confirmation: 

On confirmation of an Owner Booking, you and your Property Manager will receive a confirmed Owner Booking via email, with an Owner Booking Reference Number.

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