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Each Self Catering Holiday Cottage Let is different, as is each Holiday Home Owner, but as a guide, Choice Cottages would recommend to Owners the following when Equipping your Holiday Home. Our expert team would be happy to work Cottage Owners on any specific requirements.

One per property

One per property

One Per Person
(& two spare)

 (initial supply)

Door mat 

Rolling pin 

Plate (large & small) 

Toilet cleaner 

Ice cube tray 

Oven gloves 

Tea cup & saucer 

Hand soap 

Electric kettle and toaster

Casserole dish & lid 

Coffee mug 

Disposal bags (small) 

Coffee pot/Cafeteria 

Pie dish

Cereal/soup bowl 

Bin liners 

Teapot, tea caddy and strainer

Large fruit dish 


2 rolls lavatory paper 

Saucepan & lid (large, medium & small) 

Butter dish 

Beer glass 

Washing up liquid 

Frying pan 

Sugar basin 

Wine glass 

General purpose cleaner 


Milk jug (large & small)

Egg cup 

Dishwasher powder

Gravy boat 

Water jug

Knife (table & dessert) 

Washing machine powder

Oven roasting tray 

Orange juice squeezer

Fork (table & dessert) 

J cloths


1 Pint measuring jug 

Spoon (dessert, soup & tea) 

Bread/Meat chopping board 

Condiment set (2 pieces) 


Salad bowl & servers 

Meat plate 

Per bed 

Spare light bulbs 

Bread bin 

Washing up bowl 

Bed linen 

Clothes pegs 

Cake baking tin and baking sheet

Pot scourer/dish 

2 blankets & bedspread or 1 duvet 

Washing line/drying facilities 


Bucket and Mop

2 pillows per person 

Tea & hand towels 

Tin opener 

Dustpan & brush 

1 under blanket / mattress protector 

4 coat hangers per person 


Broom and floor cloth



Iron & ironing board

For the bathroom

Cottage Information folder 

Bottle opener

Laundry basket and clothes airer

Bath mat 

Fire extinguisher  and fire blanket

Potato peeler 

Electric vacuum cleaner 

Disposal bin 

Dog Bowls (if applicable)

Garlic press 




Covered refuse container

Lavatory brush & container 

For open fires or wood burners

Potato masher 

Two per property

Coal scuttle 

Fish slice 

Mixing bowls or basins 

Kiddy kit

Fire irons 


Vegetable dishes

Travel cot

Ash container 

Small vegetable knife 


High chair

Fire guard 

Bread knife 


Stair gate

Carving knife (with sharpener) & fork 


Children's Cutlery/ Crockery

Wooden spoon 

Flower vases 

Toy Box (optional)

Slotted spoon

Full set of keys

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